the Birth of the Butterfly - Katia Gallego
audio book

“It’s simple,” – says Consciousness, – “Embrace being a Butterfly. Now, right now.”

The birth of the butterfly

by Katia Gallego

A wonderful journey of Transformation in the Time of Earth’s Space Time Vibrational Transformation

The Birth of the Butterfly is a book with a new concept. It stimulates the Consciousness of each individual and accelerates the process of Transformation of each individual that is synchronised with Earth in the coherence of evolutionary Harmony.

The book is based on a frequency text that is dynamised by words, sounds and various writings from various languages on Earth. The frequency of the text is conveyed through a print and an e-book edition.

It is associated with a collection of podcasts available online.

It is to be looked at, read and listened to in order to go through individual Transformation synchronised with that of Earth.

The various languages are the expression of different codes. The simultaneous reading and listening of the various languages puts into circulation the action corresponding to the language code in order to facilitate the individual transformation synchronised with Earth.

The book and the e-book contain the presentation of the project, the text translated into 28 languages. It reveals the meaning of the codes in the different languages and instructions on how to read, how to listen to the texts. Available in English, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

The audios of the text and the sound carpet in 28 languages youtube

Beneficial energy

By reading and/or listening to the frequency text, awareness of personal qualities is stimulated and the energy, of which we are all composed, is amplified. It is a beneficial energy that enables everyone to become a conscious actor of his or her own harmony and simultaneously of the harmony of Earth, for Peace on Earth.

When you read and/or listen to the frequency text The Birth of the Butterfly, it is energetically active within you and starts to act, connecting you with consciousness. Like a meditation, it broadens your vision and energises reality harmoniously to lead you towards Transformation into Respected Evolutionary Harmony.

Some realise the change taking place immediately, others gradually open up to deeper values of their being and also realise that their behaviour adjusts to their reality.

The whole brain is brought into play during this energetic activity and the person raises their vibration.

Consciousness dynamics corresponding to each person are activated during the progression. For everyone, there are more connections with global Harmony and everyone grows according to his and her own measure, improving their states of being.

This frequency text ensures that one experiences the intensity of the specific and global Harmonic Flow.

  • Do not read it with the aim of understanding or comprehending it rationally
  • Let the words flow freely within you. Although it is not necessary to arrive at a specific understanding of a single sentence, remember that each word has its own energetic importance.

No, you do not need an intimate or silent space for reading and/or listening. The beneficial energy circulates and amplifies for Peace on Earth, everywhere, in all places and circumstances.

The author:

Naturally psychic from birth, throughout her entire life’s journey Katia has learnt to permanently catalyse energy, to gradually encode her connections into frequencies.

Thus, she conceived the creation of this project based on a written and audio frequency text translated into several languages. Her objective is to trasmit her energitic action for individual Transformation in harmony with Earth.

Her most beautiful adventure is to let the evolutionary process of the Vibration of Divine Harmony circulate in her Sacred Gift. This her priority in life.

Simple in its symbol, but very active in its vibrational frequency, the Birth of the Butterfly can accompany every being on its life’s journey in unity with Earth.


V Editor – Stefania Moro

V Translation – Sein gmbh

V Graphic designer – Isabella Zovini

V Sound designer – Paolo Cicchiello